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That's Entertainment DJs
Mobile Disc Jockey Since 1994
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When hiring a disc jockey company for your special event, you should always be asking questions.You should be asking yourself questions about what you want from the disc jockey and you should ask the disc jockey company questions about their experience, music selections, their ability to interact with guests, background on the company, etc. Here are some examples of questions to help you make a choice when hiring a disc jockey.   

 Q. Is your disc jockey registered and insured?

A. That's Entertainment DJs is registered in Camden County, NJ and insured for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. 

Q. Can your disc jockey provide a written contract and/or references? 

A. We provide all customers of That's Entertainment DJs with a written contract stating the details of the event and any references by request of the client.

Q. Does your disc jockey have a large selection of music, willing to discuss music selections ahead of time, and are they willing to play requests you or guests may have?

A. That's Entertainment DJs has an extensive song selection of over 50,000 of the most popular songs, which we update monthly through a mail order music company, so our database of songs is always up to date with the current hits of top 40, country, adult contemporary, jazz, R&B, Latin, rock and Christian. We do take requests in advance, as well as at the event, and do our best to ensure we have every song you request for your special day.

Q. Does your disc jockey know the proper procedure, etiquette and dress attire for your special event?

A. At That's Entertainment DJs, we ask questions about your event. If there is a need for any special announcements, surprises, birthdays, etc that is going to happen at your event, we will handle all of that for you so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Also, our disc jockeys will be dressed in formal wear for special events such as weddings, company parties, anniversaries and black tie affairs. We do ask what type of dress you would like for our disc jockeys to wear if the event is laid back, or an outdoor affair like a family reunion, karaoke party, birthday, company picnic etc. 

Q. Will your disc jockey arrive on time? 

A. That's Entertainment DJs always arrives at least one hour before your event to set up, do a sound check, and be ready for any early arrivals. 

Q. Does your disc jockey use professional equipment?

A. That's Entertainment DJs uses only the finest equipment available for mobile disc jockeys. Our systems are powerful enough to fill the largest of banquet rooms, and we carry back-ups incase of a unexpected malfunction.

Q. Will your disc jockey get interactive with your guests? 

A. We love to be interactive. We will get out on the floor and teach you and your guests some of the interactive dances. When we participate, you and your guests have a great time. However, if you wish for us not to teach dances, we will abide by your wishes.

Q. Does your DJ use the latest technology for DJing? 

A. That's Entertainment DJs has all of their music in mp3 digital format and carry a CD back up of the most popular music. We can provide music 3 ways: Digital controllers, through our laptops and CD decks. Our digital controllers allow us to the ability to take mp3 files and mix them just as if we were using vinyl. Our CD decks are top of the line CD players that allow us to mix songs by changing key, pitch and tempo of the songs. The digital contollers have the same abilities as our CD decks and also allow us to mix, scratch, add effects and remix music on the fly. Lastly, we bring our laptops to help us keep track of your specially requested songs as well as any requests your guests may have. We are highly skilled disc jockeys that are trained to pick out and mix songs to be interactive with your guests. We do not let our laptops do the work for us like many other "human jukebox" DJs.

 At That's Entertainment DJs, we know that a good DJ company is hard to find. The bad ones come a dime a dozen. We believe that your event is our number one priority and that you, as our client, deserve only the best from us. Without you and your referrals, we are nothing. We look forward to doing business with you and hope for a strong, lasting relationship. Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

Brian Nolan 
Owner of That's Entertainment DJs